About Us

Esport is a lucrative and competitive industry crammed with several players competing for prestige and, of course, cash prizes.  Due to the competitive nature of this sport, you may be prone to several conditions like gaming fatigue, distraction, and anxiety in your attempt to be among the best esport gamers or bag the winner’s cash price.

You see, if you wish to have the edge over your competitors or perform optimally while gaming, you need something to boost your energy, soothe your mind, and kill distraction. And that is where our products come in!

Who We Are

We are Nutripharma Since our inception, our primary aim has been to provide effective products to cater to the esport industry. These products are designed to provide esport athletes with an exceptional gaming experience.
Nutripharma, produces high-quality Vitamins and supplements designed for the esport industries. These supplements and vitamins consist of nutrient that provides gamers with what they need to get their game on!

What we Do

We produce pharmaceuticals, including high-quality vitamins and supplements designed to provide esport gamers with the energy, sharpness, and concentration they need to thrive in the esport realm. Our products, namely, Vitamin C Gummy and Multivitamin, are designed to help you be on your game!

Do you experience burnout when gaming? Do those little background noises distract you when gaming? Or do you get super-tensed when things get heated?  If you answered “yes” to one of those questions, you definitely need our Vitamin C Gummy or Multivitamin.

Our Vitamin gummy and Multivitamin are healthy, unlike those sugar-loaded energy drinks. To experience the full-fledged benefits of our products, all you have to do is stick to the recommended daily intake.


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